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Were John Krasinski And Amy Poehler Ever Gross?

h1 Friday, May 27th, 2011

Talented and pretty people weren’t always talented and pretty. They, too, were once in high school, where greasy skin, braces, and the consistent smell of feet (that’s at least how it works in public schools) dominate the hallways. So it’s always a sweet reminder that being born perfect isn’t necessarily the gospel according to celebrities. Because as much as Cameron Diaz and Charlize Theron obnoxiously claim that they were “dorks” in high school (JUST STOP), most adults were actually gross kids once upon a time.

Comedy staples Amy Poehler and John Krasinski were once Boston-area high school students, and the recent surfacing of their high school photos proves that — a ha! — they, too, must have been gawky, aloof teenagers, right? Just like the rest of us? Right?


More goofy/adorable pics of Jon after the jump:

[via Splash News Online/NY Post]

– Eliot Glazer



h1 Friday, May 27th, 2011


(via The Animal Blog)

Lindsay Lohan Begins House Arrest

h1 Friday, May 27th, 2011

The winds of persecution are blowing cruelly upon poor Lindsay Lohan, who started her period of house arrest on Thursday. Good thing she’s all stocked up on coke and booze! Says Digital Spy,

Lindsay Lohan has reportedly surrendered to the authorities and has begun her house arrest sentence.

The actress checked in at Lynwood Jail at 5.02am and was fitted with an electronic tag on her ankle and sent to her Venice, CA home.

Sources claim that Lohan will spend around 35 days confined to her residence.

The sentence follows her no contest plea to the alleged theft of a $2,500 (£1,547) necklace.

Lohan must also complete 480 hours of community service, including work at the LA County morgue.

The 24-year-old Machete star was earlier this month given a 120-day sentence by the judge for breaching the terms of her parole and said: “I support the judge’s decision and hold myself accountable for being in this situation.”

Expecting Lindsay Lohan to learn her lesson by putting her on extended time-out is about as effective as putting a 1-year old in the corner and expecting them to understand why they’re in trouble. Everyone knows that little kids need a few light slams now and again if they’re going to pay attention to you. How do you think I’m able to fill in here when I’m running my day care?

A few more freckled bikini pics and another boob slip, if you want to know what a practically transparent areola looks like:


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‘South Park’ Targets…Sarah McLachlan For Saving Animals?

h1 Friday, May 27th, 2011

The South Park writers have targeted a lot of famous people in their 70 years on air: Tom Cruise, Barbra Streisand, Rosie O’Donnell… And now they’re going after …Sarah McLachlan? Huh??? What they’re parodying are those commercials she appears in for pet adoption, the ones that make you suddenly think you can and should build a farm in your apartment because dog eyes are SO BIG AND SAD.

But, still, they claim Sarah McLachlan was famous for “two months,” which is, like, what? Sure, Lilith Fair isn’t necessarily “a thing” anymore, but there are plenty of bicurious men and women getting the lyrics to “Sweet Surrender” tattooed around their ankles in Mandarin. Of all people, is it really necessary to parody someone who aligns themselves with an animal charity? Go after BAD PEOPLE, South Park!


– Eliot Glazer

Meet The New President Of The Fox Network

h1 Thursday, May 5th, 2011

Here’s an albino baby fox that just got out of the fox hospital:

AGHGHGHHHH!!! That!!!!

The picture’s description is even more craze-inducing:

“This is Casper, an extremely rare white fox cub who has been nursed back from the verge of death by staff at St. Tiggywinkles wildlife hospital in Buckinghamshire, UK.”

SAINT TIGGYWINKLES????? There’s a hospital in Britain that nurses baby foxes back to health and it’s called SAINT TIGGYWINKLES. Named after Tiggywinkles, the saint of healing baby animals? Retirement home: PURCHASED. I’ll sort out the details when I get there.

Two more ACTION SHOTS of the new Fox president after the jump:

(pics via Splash)

The Internet Doesn’t Get Much Better Than This Kid’s Performance Of “Nu Thang”

h1 Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011

Here’s a kid who may be a walking season of Tim & Eric performing the swinging Christian rap “Nu Thang” by DC Talk in front of a bunch of balloons at… I can’t tell where he is, that might be some cable access show but it might be the Staples Center.

It’s basically a two-minute first round of Idol auditions followed by total silence then Simon saying “I have no idea what that was and I have never been more…IMPRESSED!” and just handing the kid the title. You’re the dog now, God!

From one talented rapper to another, kid, I can tell you straight up: You got the goods. Don’t change a thing.

(via FourFour)